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  • Tumblr: We want straight people, presumably men, white to be exact, to start supporting LGBT rights!
  • Macklemore: *writes song about gay rights*
  • Macklemore: *video about gay rights has lesbian and gay couples in it*
  • Macklemore: *song goes viral and can be heard on any everyday radio station*
  • Macklemore: *openly supports the LGBT community*
  • Macklemore: *instead of being an asshole stereotypical 'white guy' he uses his 'privileged white male' powers to try to urge others to be more open-minded and accepting towards people of different sexualities/skin colors/religions*
  • Tumblr: he's a white privileged man so what he's doing isn't enough and doesn't count in fact he's making everything worse fuck Macklemore

Okay but we all know the latest episode is just Kanji Tatsumi fanservice right

cooking with Yukiko   ಥ_ಥ